Monday, September 29, 2008

Air Hong Kong

AHK Air Hong Kong Limited , abbreviated AHK, is the only all-cargo airline based in Hong Kong. It operates regional overnight express and freight services. Its main base is Hong Kong International Airport.


The airline was established in 1986 and started operations in February 1988 with Boeing 707 aircraft. Scheduled services were added in 1989. Two and two aircraft were used until 2004. 75% of the company's share was acquired by Cathay Pacific in June 1994, followed by the remaining 25% in February 2002. In October 2002, Cathay Pacific entered into a business partnership with DHL to develop the express-freight network in Asia and at that time, and in March 2003, 30% of the company's shares were acquired by . AHK was the launch customer for the general freighter which is a new variant of the . The eighth, and the last aircraft was delivered on the 28 June, 2006, with the registration code B-LDH. This new variant has a cargo-loading system capable of handling virtually every type of container and pallet, and a side door at the rear of the lower deck capable of handling large items of general freight, and is being delivered from second-half of 2004. AHK selected the CF6-80C2 engines from General Electric, and signed on to GE's Maintenance Cost Per Hour programme.

In November 2007, Air Hong Kong was awarded for Operational Excellence by the airplane manufacturer Airbus for achieving an overall best performance on airplane utilization, operational reliability, and average delay time.

The airline is owned by Cathay Pacific and DHL International GmbH and has 96 employees (at March 2007

**Hong Kong Main hub


The Air Hong Kong fleet consists of the following aircraft :

** Their aircraft registration numbers: B-LDA, B-LDB, B-LDC, B-LDD, B-LDE, B-LDF, B-LDG, B-LDH

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